terça-feira, 15 de abril de 2014

You take your time, young lion

"While Ezra was rushing to the studio to finish their previous album, Contra, a stranger stopped him, smiled and said, “You take your time, young lion.” Once Ezra got to the studio he told Rostam about the encounter.

These lyrics perfectly tie up this album on a fairly uplifting note. As noted in the description, this phrase is sort of a soothing mantra, even lullaby, for all those twenty-somethings who are feeling frantic and lost in the face of the lifetime and headstone they see before them. 

Where as much of the rest of the album deals with a feeling of helplessness and abandonment, this song, combined with the nostalgic piano riff and the Panda Bear-like vocals, dispels these emotions with a ethereal wave of calm and hope."


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